[Nickle] Currency conversion (foreign function interface)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Dec 6 10:02:44 PST 2004

Around 7 o'clock on Dec 6, "James LaMar" wrote:

> so if we have a C grammar and a Nickle grammar in Mint, perhaps we can use
> these to reason about C in such a way that we can automatically generate
> simple bindings.

That's a good idea; most 'automatic' FFI binding generators I've seen use 
ad-hoc parsing to analyse the C source.  Something more accurate would 
probably generate a lot better results.

I envision some kind of semantic data added by the developer will be 
necessary in essentially every case to refine the results; that's often 
done manually to the output of the FFI generator.  I'd prefer to avoid 
this as it makes regenerating the interface very painful.

There have been several papers on FFI generation; perhaps we should start 
by locating those and trying to formulate a plan.


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