[Nickle] Currency conversion (foreign function interface)

James LaMar giantrobot at f-m.fm
Mon Dec 6 07:25:26 PST 2004

You mentioned not having a good set of tools to create bindings for
foregin function calls -- Bart was mentioning how much he'd like to use
Mint to do static analysis in C, so if we have a C grammar and a Nickle
grammar in Mint, perhaps we can use these to reason about C in such a
way that we can automatically generate simple bindings.

  In all the languages I've worked with, the FFI seemed to be klunky and
  unpleasant to use, an FFI "done right" (almost fully automated) is
  something I'd really like to see, if there's something I can do to
  help you, please let me know!
  giantrobot at f-m.fm

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