[Calypso] calypso projecet organization

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sat Jan 30 16:40:40 PST 2016

chrysn <chrysn at fsfe.org> writes:

> * web page: the current best web site of calypso is
>   <http://keithp.com/calypso>, which being part of keith's personal
>   website is hard to keep current. we do have an address and web space
>   on alioth <http://calypso.alioth.debian.org/> at
>   <file://alioth.debian.org/srv/home/groups/calypso/htdocs>, which is
>   also configured as the project's home page, but empty.

I've been doing a pile of docs in asciidoc  these days; it generates
html quite easily, and if you're cautious, the source can remain
readable. I can convert the current page (which is in ikiwiki) into
asciidoc and stick that into the calypso repo itself. From there, it
could be used to populate a web page that other people have access
to. I'd then set up a redirect from my server once it's ready.

> * python-vobject: calypso deeply depends on python-vobject, which is
>   practically dead upstream. i'd like to take over the library
>   development (or maintenance), and polish up the python3 branch there;
>   the calypso project seems like a good umbrella to that, and i'd apply
>   all mechanisms we're using here to python-vobject too (not sure how
>   well alioth supports having two project names in one project, i'd
>   figure that out on demand). any objections there?

This seems necessary; I've found a few things lacking in python-vobject
which have made calypso fail from time to time.

I think the only remaining issue is how to manage releases; I'm afraid I
don't have the time to deal with that myself.

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