[Calypso] calypso projecet organization

Guido G√ľnther agx at sigxcpu.org
Sat Jan 30 12:50:05 PST 2016

welcome aboard (again). Our talk at Deboconf was one of the motivations
for moving things to alioth.

On Sat, Jan 30, 2016 at 05:57:39PM +0100, chrysn wrote:
> * commit styles: i'm a big fan of --no-ff merged topic branches, as it
>   retains the granularity of "commit often" while still being viewable
>   as a single change as well -- but that becomes a bit impractical when
>   sending patches one-mail-per-commit style, and is more easily reviewed
>   by pushing the commit to a branch or personal repo (alioth allows
>   users to request a /git/calypso/users/${USERNAME}.git repo).
>   guido, what's your stance on that style of pull requests, would it
>   work for you? (afair you expressed a preference for mailed patches).

    Personally I'm a fan of either mailing lists or gerrit (the later
    supports your above workflow nicely plus running tests).

    That said your style is also doable with one mail per commit (which
    is nice for reviewing things) since it only applies to patches from
    people without commit access that can easily be imported to git with
    e.g. mutt in one go.

    So I could get used to using --no-ff easily although I don't see
    much benefit for us yet given the current amount of patches and

> * issue tracking: so far, most recent issues are directly addressed by
>   patches on the mailing list, that's imo harder to keep in overview
>   than a proper issue tracker. as things are, options are keeping all
>   issues on this list, opening an alioth tracker or using the debian bts
>   as if calypso were a native package (which i'd prefer). what are your
>   views?

    I always (implicitly) assumed we'd use the Debian BTS for that.

> * web page: the current best web site of calypso is
>   <http://keithp.com/calypso>, which being part of keith's personal
>   website is hard to keep current. we do have an address and web space
>   on alioth <http://calypso.alioth.debian.org/> at
>   <file://alioth.debian.org/srv/home/groups/calypso/htdocs>, which is
>   also configured as the project's home page, but empty.
>   i'd offer setting up a built-from-a-pimped-README web page and linking
>   there, any objections?

    That's perfect, even more if we keep it in a repo on alioth too and
    generate it from e.g. markdown (e.g. using ikiwki). I have this on
    my todo list since quiet some time. Same goes for creating a commit
    mailing list on alioth and setting up the hooks.
> * python-vobject: calypso deeply depends on python-vobject, which is
>   practically dead upstream. i'd like to take over the library
>   development (or maintenance), and polish up the python3 branch there;
>   the calypso project seems like a good umbrella to that, and i'd apply
>   all mechanisms we're using here to python-vobject too (not sure how
>   well alioth supports having two project names in one project, i'd
>   figure that out on demand). any objections there?

    That's fine for me. We can simply move vobject into the calypso
    project and use the Debian BTS as well.

Hope that helps.
 -- Guido

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