[Picolibc] Picolibc version 1.1

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Thu Nov 14 22:39:33 PST 2019

## Picolibc Version 1.1 ##

Picolibc development is settling down at last. With the addition of a
simple 'hello world' demo app, it seems like a good time to stamp the
current code as 'version 1.1'.

### Changes since Version 1.0 ###

 * Semihosting helper library. Semihosting lets an application running
   under a debugger or emulator communicate through the debugger or
   emulator with the environment hosting those. It's great for
   platform bringup before you've got clocking and a serial
   driver. I'm hoping it will also make running tests under qemu
   possible. The code works on ARM and RISC-V systems and offers
   console I/O and exit() support (under qemu).

 * Hello World example. This is a stand-alone bit of code with a
   Makefile that demonstrates how to build a complete application for
   both RISC-V and ARM embedded systems using picolibc after it has
   been installed. The executables run under QEMU using a provided
   script. Here's all the source code you need; the rest of the code
   (including semihosting support) is provided by picolibc:

	#include <stdio.h>
	#include <stdlib.h>

		printf("hello, world\n");

 * POSIX file I/O support. For systems which have
   open/close/read/write, picolibc's tinystdio can now provide stdio
   functions that use them, including fopen and fdopen.

 * Updated code from newlib. I've merged current upstream newlib into
   the tree. There were a few useful changes there, including libm
   stubs for fenv on hosts that don't provide their own.

### Where To Get Bits ###

You can find picolibc on my personal server's git repository:


There's also a copy on github:


If you like tarballs, I also create those:


I've create tags for 1.1 (upstream) and 1.1-1 (debian packaging
included) and pushed those to the git repositories.

### Filing Issues, Making Contributions

There's a mailing list at keithp.com:


Or you can file issues using the github tracker.

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