BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debiandebian: Version 1.2-1Keith Packard8 days
masterCheck semihost feature bits before using SYS_EXIT_EXTENDEDKeith Packard4 days
msp430Append 'ul' to integer constants in newlib/libm/common/sf_pow.cKeith Packard3 weeks
newlibFix libm/machine/riscv/ include paths for fenvKeith Packard2 months
tlsmeson: Make sample arm/riscv sensibleKeith Packard3 months
1.2-1commit fd8cf78ae5...Keith Packard8 days
1.2commit e0e1436110...Keith Packard8 days
1.1.1-1commit eb7b609f8e...Keith Packard2 weeks
1.1.1commit 123f1ea64d...Keith Packard2 weeks
1.1-1commit 5f68fc0a69...Keith Packard3 weeks
1.1commit ea91c94449...Keith Packard3 weeks
1.0-1commit 4b38adbbb4...Keith Packard2 months
1.0commit c14ff27549...Keith Packard2 months b279c2978e...Keith Packard4 months b7b16b01a7...Keith Packard4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysCheck semihost feature bits before using SYS_EXIT_EXTENDEDHEADmasterKeith Packard
7 daysAdd test for float-only printf/scanf codeKeith Packard
7 daysAdd 'float-only' mode to tinystdio printf/scanfKeith Packard
7 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'spaceinventor/master'Keith Packard
8 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'newlib/master'Keith Packard
8 daysMake sure 'sbrk' is defined when building nano-malloc functionsKeith Packard
8 daysPatch for malloc typosKeith Packard
8 daysPatch for nano-malloc typosAndreas Innerlohninger
8 daysRevert "Don't use obsolete math implementations by default"Keith Packard
8 daysAdd configuration support for __OBSOLETE_MATHKeith Packard