[Nickle] SIGINT and thread termination rules

Bart Massey bart at po8.org
Wed Feb 6 13:05:58 PST 2008

In message <1202328645.7800.107.camel at koto.keithp.com> you wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-02-06 at 00:47 -0800, Bart Massey wrote:
> > I'm confused.  How do I get into the debugger with this
> > change?
> Raising an un-caught exception will still enter the debugger, and you'll
> be sitting at a continuation where the exception was raised, but all of
> the unwinding operations will have been executed, and you won't be able
> to restart the program from that point.

Oh.  That's kind of sad, but I can live with it, I guess---I
hardly ever actually do that.

I still don't get what goes wrong if we leave the unwinding
undone until the debugger is exited or an exception is
handled.  It would require a little machinery, I guess, to
run unwindings for a handled exception in the proper


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