[Fontconfig] May these patches go into next release?

Keith Packard fontconfig@fontconfig.org
Sat, 01 Mar 2003 11:39:42 -0800

Around 16 o'clock on Feb 28, Yun-Ta Tsai wrote:

> I found some patches that will fix several truetype fonts problems 
> with asian characters both on printing to printer and showing on screen, also 
> support asian font name. Unfortunatelly, I can't patch by myself because qt 
> keep releasing , so I require for help. Three packages are needed to be 
> patched: xft2, fontconfig, and libqt3c102 which will be a little bit nasty.

Please open suitable bug reports for fontconfig issues at
http://fontconfig.org/bugzilla and supply patches relative to current CVS 
instead of version 2.1.  Each problem will need a separate bugzilla entry 
that includes enough information about what is wrong to evaluate whether 
the supplied patch is the right way to fix the issue.

>From looking at the patch as supplied, I believe many of the issues are 
likely resolved in current fontconfig CVS versions.