[Fontconfig] Strange behaviour with fixed pitch

Alan Chandler fontconfig@fontconfig.org
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 07:31:02 +0000

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On Monday 17 Feb 2003 1:00 am, Keith Packard wrote:
> Around 18 o'clock on Feb 15, Alan Chandler wrote:
> > I need to find how the "font patterns" are set up from the fonts. Can
> > someone explain how this works? [In broad terms only, I can delve into
> > the right bit of code one I find it]
> Fontconfig uses Freetype2 to extract information from font files.  Family
> names are the hardest to locate, so fontconfig does quite a bit of work to
> find something usable.  That code all lives in fcfreetype.c and you can
> watch it in action by enabling debugging of the font scanning logic
> (export FC_DEBUG=3D384) before running 'fc-cache -v -f .' in the directory
> containing the relevant fonts.

Thanks for that - although from the output it seems that it is finding the=
directories from /etc/fonts/fonts.conf rather than just running in the=20

What I discovered before your reply, and which the debug output you suggest=
seems to confirm, is that the family name in the fonts.cache-1 file is=20
created by fc-cache because freetype says that the family name is 0 bytes=20
long.  The family name appears to be created based on the filename=20
(console8x16.pcf.gz - which is turned into console8x16.pcf as the family=20

I am now discussing on the freetype list why (I think that the font type is=
not being recognised - maybe something to do with the compressed nature of=
the file?).

Its been a long hard slog to get this far - and I still need to explore why=
the spacing between the characters is all wrong. Still I will keep going -=
its fun learning about it all:-)

=2D --=20
Alan Chandler
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