[Fontconfig] Problem with Xft or Xrender

zeus;] fontconfig@fontconfig.org
Sun, 27 Apr 2003 16:54:25 +0700

I am having trouble with my Gnome after installing Xft
Here's the error:

ERROR: Failed to match any font. This Could be due to a broken Xft 
configuration or if you run XFree 4.1.0 due to a bug in libXrender. For 
more information ..

the rest pointing to bugzilla

I am using XFree 4.2.1
Font Config 2.0.0
Freetype 2
Currently GNOME 2.0 i want it upgrade to GNOME 2.2 (that why i install XFT)

I check the Xftconfig files i think there are nothing wrong with it.