[Fontconfig] Too much bold

Keith Packard fontconfig@fontconfig.org
Tue, 08 Apr 2003 15:11:09 -0700

Around 0 o'clock on Apr 9, Ciprian Popovici wrote:

> I've noticed that, although the "weight" property for the font
> configuration is supposed to have 5 levels of bold, only 2 can actually
> be used, on my system at least. There is a threshold around 160 weight
> value which simply divides"no bold" and "bold".

I've recently changed fontconfig to use the OS/2 table entries for weight 
to provide more accurate weight values to applications.  That should let 
applications (and users, presumably) see finer gradations in weight.

You'll still be limited to the weights available in the fonts you have; 
fontconfig can only show what's present.