[Calypso] Send contacts from Android with DAVdroid is possible?

Raniere Silva raniere at rgaiacs.com
Fri Jan 1 09:54:17 PST 2016

> I try to sync the contacts from my Android phone with Calypso
> using DAVdroid, https://davdroid.bitfire.at/, but I think that DAVdroid
> didn't send the contacts or Calypso only add the first contact it receive
> (that was previously add).

I finally got the log.

    [info ] Preparing synchronization
    [info ] Querying capabilities
    [debug] Received <response> for, status: null, properties: [supported-address-data(urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:carddav): at.bitfire.dav4android.property.SupportedAddressData at 427c2928,
    getctag(http://calendarserver.org/ns/): GetCTag(cTag=1451670434-79ac8318a0341c2fbb707781589794452c816ee8)]
    [info ] Server advertises VCard/4 support: false
    [info ] Processing locally deleted entries
    [info ] Locally preparing dirty entries
    [info ] Uploading dirty entries
    [info ] Checking sync state
    [info ] Manual sync, ignoring CTag
    [info ] Listing local entries
    [info ] Listing remote entries
    [debug] Received <response> for, status: null, properties: [getetag(DAV:): GetETag(eTag=b6a5d8d3d7563cf2cc31b5d5f1e00e91d10d02ef)]
    [debug] Received <response> for, status: null, properties: [getetag(DAV:): GetETag(eTag=582e06e9c30400f4f4932884e9baf7f1f776c54f)]
    [debug] Found remote VCard: 1e001a9eb519c70b514770b019b0df720f224456
    [debug] Found remote VCard: 67b88539645a633741db81d65b47e800a916a9bd
    [info ] Comparing local/remote entries
    [info ] New resources have been found on the server: 1e001a9eb519c70b514770b019b0df720f224456, 67b88539645a633741db81d65b47e800a916a9bd
    [info ] Downloading remote entries
    [info ] Downloading 2 contacts (10 at once)
    [info ] Downloading,
    [debug] Received <response> for, status: null, properties: [getetag(DAV:): GetETag(eTag=b6a5d8d3d7563cf2cc31b5d5f1e00e91d10d02ef),
    address-data(urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:carddav): AddressData(vCard=),
    getcontenttype(DAV:): GetContentType(type=)]
    [debug] Received <response> for, status: null, properties: [getetag(DAV:): GetETag(eTag=582e06e9c30400f4f4932884e9baf7f1f776c54f),
    getcontenttype(DAV:): GetContentType(type=),
    address-data(urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:carddav): AddressData(vCard=)]
    [error] Received VCard with not exactly one VCARD, ignoring 1e001a9eb519c70b514770b019b0df720f224456
    [error] Received VCard with not exactly one VCARD, ignoring 67b88539645a633741db81d65b47e800a916a9bd
    [info ] Saving sync state
    [info ] Saving CTag=1451670434-79ac8318a0341c2fbb707781589794452c816ee8

Any help with the 
"Received VCard with not exactly one VCARD"?

I'm running

    commit 052543de889a6cfe90d9282df621a567b4658915
    Author: Keith Packard <keithp at keithp.com>
    Date:   Fri Aug 7 18:13:07 2015 -0700

        Bump version to 1.5
        Signed-off-by: Keith Packard <keithp at keithp.com>

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