[Calypso] calypso with davdroid: in the direction of principals

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Fri Apr 4 06:03:25 PDT 2014


On Sat, Mar 08, 2014 at 06:03:02PM +0000, Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> Rather than adding labels, couldn't we just add a setting for the
> principal with substition for the username? E.g.:
> [server]
> principal = /+{USER}
> That seems much simpler.

that approach was clearly not intended for production, but was the
quickest i could sketch up.

i've built on your patch, and started providing a proper resource for
principal, calendar and addressbook home set.

On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 09:19:16AM +0200, Guido Günther wrote:
> We already assume that the first part of the path is the owner for
> permision checks (see url_to_owner and acl/httpasswd). Shouldn't we just
> set the current-user-principal to the first path component as well?

i'd like to think of the principal as distinct from the "folder" where a
user's collections reside in -- it can be implemented in the same
resource, but does not need to. 

according to personal url preferences, you can set user_principal to
"/%(user)s/" or "/+%(user)s/" or "/principals/%(user)s/". (name clashes
might be an issue if you name your address book like the addressbook
home set, but yeah.

> We could then use this to query home-collection like:
> ~/.config/calypso/calendars/
>                       `- princ1/ 
>                               `- collection1          
>                               `- collection2
>                       `- princ2/
>                               `- collectionfoo
>                               `- collectionbar
> by simply retrurning all git repositories below princ1/ as
> home-collections for each user.

the current implementation tries to build a collection from all
non-hidden directories under the storage folder, and lists them in the
home sets depending on permissions and their type.

the patch set i'm suggesting is quite comprehensive. apart from the
previously suggested patches (some of which i've built upon, otherwise
i'd have started from master), [1] changes:

* support the address-data report entry

* new classes that represent non-collection resources (principals and
  home sets)

  in the final version, they are passed to the xmlutils.propfind method
  in parallel with `collection`; however, they implement their propfind
  methods themselves. (the big switch list with attributes became a
  hassle with the increasing number of isinstance() checks for that).

  (this creates compatibility with clients that only do
  auto-configuration like DavDroid, and makes configuration easier with
  many others).

* collection enumeration by walking the storage folder

* explicit per-resource configuration in .calypso-collection

  this was started by jelmer with inspecting the .git/description
  contents, but didn't go far enough -- for one, that does not work when
  the git repository is rooted higher up in the hierarchy, and then, it
  won't allow finer control of permissions, which is implemented now
  too. (a collection can be set personal or public, and if it's
  personal, additional users can be granted access to it).

  explicit configuration also declares now as which type of collection
  (address book or calendar) a collection is published. the old way of
  just publishing both the address book and the calendar attributes fail
  with clients like acal (which previously treated all calypso
  repositories as address books).

  a fallback is in place for existing repositories that determines the
  type of a collection based on its contents.

* bugfixes

some code gets moved through the patches, so i tried to structure it
with relatively small commits.

please try out my integration branch at [1], which contains all other
patches sent by jelmer and guido in the last weeks, with your own setup;
it works for me and i'm confident it will work for you, but software is
prone to bugs, so let's better check twice.

keith, if no negative responses come back, please consider merging these

best regards

[1] git clone git://prometheus.amsuess.com/calypso-patches -p chrysn/integration

> Your commit message mentions that DAVDroid crashes when syncing
> contacts, but contacts sync fine for me as well. What version did you
> try? I'm using

they changed many crashes, and usually give reasonable error messages
these days.

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