[Calypso] calypso packaging, upstream patches

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Thu Sep 19 06:44:07 PDT 2013

chrysn <chrysn at fsfe.org> writes:

>   patch reviews:

I've been merging these patches into my master branch. Here's what's

        commit 68b26161a67a023ae8f35455e1957ec8d997edc5
        Author: Keith Packard <keithp at keithp.com>

            Pass system exceptions up to top-level handlers

        commit 0acac44fbc0ec3e9543df35e6eede2659c5bd0e5
        Author: chrysn <chrysn at fsfe.org>

            don't check for git presence in calypso/webdav.py

        commit ccf843ee07503f44703ce80cb4b221b08026c511
        Author: chrysn <chrysn at fsfe.org>

            allow collections deep inside git

        commit 2c6a6b452473d298f99c5eeccf7ca2a53959eb35
        Author: Joe Nahmias <joe at nahmias.net>

            add PAM support

        commit 21654d20777926da572f220607a2d85b2eeb4d52
        Author: Joe Nahmias <joe at nahmias.net>

            Add pidfile support

        commit 5b1b124de889356e23e1dc1e9be5d108d3426567
        Author: Joe Nahmias <joe at nahmias.net>

            handle ^C when running calypso in the foreground

        commit c84b840566910594b0910117ebe222d517d9ea57
        Author: Joe Nahmias <joe at nahmias.net>

            use python-daemon to daemonize calypso

        commit 5035efc3ce4c9447ad77c28cf8d93b850155c45e
        Author: Joe Nahmias <joe at nahmias.net>

            fix href attribute of response

        commit d2b4526b4cb6488da68b59e5d378fd86ab820e82
        Author: Joe Nahmias <joe at nahmias.net>

            fixup calypso init script

>   * "use ForkingMixIn": joe, have you checked what could happen with
>     simultaenous put requests?

Forking for each client eliminates the in-memory caching of the data,
which makes calypso performance pretty bad on large data sets. Figuring
out how to use the ThreadingMixIn instead seems like a reasonable plan
though. I have no idea how to make that work with locking etc.

Calypso is now in debian; the 1.1 package has a missing dependency on
the vobject package, and I should upload the obvious fix to make it
actually work.

keith.packard at intel.com
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