Nike Smoke (4 inch)

This Nike Smoke model was built from a kit made by Polecat Aerospace. They make several sizes, but this one is the 4 inch version

I built this for my Level 1 and Level 2 NAR certification, and recorded how I built it.

I took this rocket to Northern Colorado Rocketry's Oktoberfest launch in October, 2008. This rocket flew successful flights on a Cesaroni H125 motor for my Level 1 certification on Friday, then on a Cesaroni J285 on Sunday for my Level 2 certification.

Here it is sitting on the rail loaded with the H125 motor:

Here it is laying in the grass after flying on the J285 motor

I'm planning on adding a payload bay inside the nose cone to carry some electronics to measure altitude and assist in recovery -- the J flight left the rocket about 1.5km from the pad, and I felt pretty lucky to have found it so easily (also, Bdale has very sharp eyes).