[Snek] Version 1.6

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Aug 10 16:48:55 PDT 2021

This release was prompted by the first fix, which makes communications
reliable to devices without OS support for flow control.

 * Support explicit serial synchronization using ENQ/ACK so that
   applications sending lots of data do not require OS flow control
   support. With many devices connecting via USB/serial adapters that
   do not provide any flow control, adding explicit flow control to
   the Snek implementation provides a way to make downloading code
   reliable for them.

 * Fixed incorrect precedence between bitwise and (&) and bitwise xor
   (^) operators.

 * Lots of improvements to the EV3 port making it more like
   other Snek devices.

 * [Narrow 1284](https://www.crowdsupply.com/pandauino/narrow) port.
   This is a small board with the ATmega1284 SoC which is like the
   ATmega328 but with much more Flash and RAM which provides way more
   room for Snek to run.

 * Seeed Grove Beginner Kit port. This is another ATmega328p based board
   but with a range of devices provided in the kit. Snek supports the
   LED, Buzzer, Light, Sound, OLED Display, Button, Rotary Potentiometer
   and 3-axis Accelerometer.

 * Seeeduino XIAO port. This is a SAMD21-based device on a tiny board
   with a USB-C connector.

 * Arduino Nano Every port.  This uses the ATmega4809 which has 6kB of
   RAM, providing much more space for Snek programs.

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