[Snek] How to return a string from builtin?

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Feb 19 12:29:47 PST 2020

"Mikhail Gusarov" <dottedmag at dottedmag.net> writes:

> These are names of colors: "none" / "red" / "black" / ....
> I don't have an opinion whether numbers or strings are better here —
> what do you think?

Hrm. I think you're string value idea is better than my number
idea. Strings are easier to read when you just print the sensor value,
and that's definitely a feature for the user.

Let's figure out how to make that work. I think it's going to require
some changes to the snek core, which is always fun.

I think there are (at least) three approaches:

 1) Allocate a new string at each return. You've already got that

 2) Define builtin variables referencing the strings. The mechanism for
    setting up the variables and pointing them at the strings is already
    in place; a helper 'snek_string_build' would make this slightly
    easier. These variables will be writable by the user, so a mistake
    could easily cause confusion.

 3. Allocate strings without variables, either on the fly or at startup. This
    requires teaching the garbage collector about your strings.

    Reading through the code, it looks like the snek value stack could
    very easily hold references to your strings, and you could fetch
    values directly from there.

    We would make a tiny change to snek_exec to reset the stack pointer
    to the value when snek_exec was called rather than zero. Then you
    would use snek_stack_push_string at startup time, saving the
    stack pointer for the first string and using
    snek_stack[saved_value + offset] to fetch strings for return.

> Also I suppose I should return None instead of "none" here if sensor
> doesn't detect any color.

Oh, that's a good idea -- that way it's usable as a boolean.

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