[Nickle] Mutual tail-recursion

Michel Salim michel.salim at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 05:41:57 PST 2006

On 19/02/06, Bart Massey <bart at po8.org> wrote:

> > My questions are, then:
> > - Is tail optimization of mutually-recursive functions planned?
> Already done.  Tail-call analysis is fun. :-)
Neat. The only pie-in-the-sky feature that remains for me to ask is,
thus, higher-order functions.. Can a function return a function, and
be passed functions as arguments?

> > - Garbage collecting: after doing evenp(10000000) nickle was consuming
> > 67.3% of 1.4GB of RAM. after about 10 minutes this has only gone down
> > to 67.0% .. should it be holding on to the memory for that long? Is
> > there a way to request a collection?
> You can invoke the garbage collector with Debug::collect(),
> although this is highly non-intuitive. :-)
Ah. Handy, thanks.

> We're moving Nickle to GIT in the *very* near term.  Once I
> do that, we'll check all the permissions and fix them.
Looking forward to it. GIT (with Cogito) seems like a really pain-free
way to do version control.

Many thanks,

Michel Salim

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