[Nickle] LOL alpha release

Bart Massey nickle at po8.org
Sun Jan 16 00:11:49 PST 2005

The LOL LL(1) parser generator is a straightforward Nickle
implementation of an LL(1) parse-table builder.  It is
intended to supplant the ancient Lola tool that Keith wrote
in Kalypso ages ago and we've been using ever since.

LOL uses James and Emma's MINT parser-generator tools for
its description grammar, making it easy to adapt and giving
it reasonable syntax.  Indeed, the existence of MINT makes
MerryMINT largely of academic and historic interest, but
that's OK.  Sometimes LL(1) is what you wanted, although not
very often.

Please unpack the attached LOL source tarball in the latest
MINT CVS src directory.  We need to figure out how to
separate the MINT runtime from the MINT generator more
effectively, so that LOL can live in its own directory tree.

	Bart Massey
	bart at cs.pdx.edu

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