[Nickle] Nickle bug/misfeature: storage for growable arrays of growable arrays

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sat Jan 15 15:37:46 PST 2005

Around 13 o'clock on Jan 15, "Bart Massey" wrote:

> If you want things to be like C, you can just make
>    struct s;
> mean
>    struct s = {};
> and similarly for arrays.

Right, that's what we have today.

> Shy of growable array initializers via continuations :-), I
> would just like initializer expressions to work like they do
> for hashes.  This would at least take care of the nested
> growable array case, which is the thing I normally care
> about anyhow.  And after all, we don't have hash
> comprehensions.

Hashes have a 'default value' which is used to initialize any 
uninitialized element when referenced.  We could do the same for growable 
arrays if that would be sufficient, and I can compute that when the array 
is computed.  The trouble I'm having now is how to compute a nested array 
value when the array is used in some completely different context.  I 
don't, in general, have a pointer back to the frame holding the dimension 
information for the nested array.


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