[Nickle] Re: [AI] Nickle Growing Pains

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Thu Jan 6 12:50:51 PST 2005

Around 15 o'clock on Jan 6, Carl Worth wrote:

> > Because we use 'typedef' to bind the name 'e' to the union type, the value 
> > itself has no referent to that name, only the underlying union type.
> Hmmm...

We don't have names for structures and unions at present, but we could.  
And, we could make them 'type names', something C doesn't do; I suspect 
that's largely because C's typenames are unscoped.

So, you could declare:

	enum e { a, b, c };

and nickle could then print out the enum typename along with the tag:


Of course, if you used a typedef:

	typedef enum { a, b, c } foo;

then there would be no name to print.  We could print out the value as:

	(enum { a, b, c }).a

in that case, which might encourage people to provide typenames...


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