[Nickle] Re: [AI] Nickle Growing Pains

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Thu Jan 6 11:56:39 PST 2005

Around 13 o'clock on Jan 6, Carl Worth wrote:

> The enum-as-disjoint-union is an interesting implementation detail,
> but I would hope I could use enum types without having to know about
> it.

It would be better if we had more sane syntax for disjoint unions; having 
borrowed C's union syntax is not obviously the right answer here.

>	> v
>	a = <>
> Can that be easily fixed to print "e.a" as expected?

Because we use 'typedef' to bind the name 'e' to the union type, the value 
itself has no referent to that name, only the underlying union type.

We could easily fix it to pring only 'a' instead of 'a = <>', if that 
would appeal.


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