[Nickle] Nickle bug(?), feature(?), misfeature(?)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Sep 22 09:09:03 PDT 2004

Around 23 o'clock on Sep 21, bart at po8.org wrote:

> It seems to me that it used to work to set
> NICKLESTART=/dev/null in your environment if you wanted to
> debug Nickle without running builtin.5c.  It now causes
> Nickle to exit immediately as if EOF on stdin---no idea why.

Argument parsing and most of the initialization code is now in the
builtin.5c file; it just reads from NICKLESTART and then exits.  If you
want to just have a raw interpreter running, use

NICKLESTART=/dev/stdin nickle

> The "try" statement doesn't currently create a new scope for
> its body statement.  Upon reflection, I claim this is a
> feature, as it allows

It may be a feature, but it's rather inconsistent with every other 
statement form...

> This points out that we may be creating two scopes for every
> body: one for the statement and one for the curly braces.
> Does the compiler omit empty scopes in the static chain?

Scopes are free -- they're purely a lexical notion; once compiled, they 
have no effect.


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