[Nickle] Re: nickle building woes

Bart Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Wed Jan 7 16:48:13 PST 2004

You may want to subscribe to the Nickle mailing list at
http://nickle.org if you haven't already.  Thanks much for
your feedback on the build!

Yes, there have been some changes lately that are pretty
rough---I'll try to sort things RSN.  The auto-tarballer
needs to be fixed to run autogen.sh on nickle.org before
building the tarball, which should take care of the
configure problem.  The version.h thing is just my bug, and
needs fixing.  I put in auto-version-incrementing because we
never got around to incrementing version numbers, and I did
it a fairly hackish way.

Let us know what you're up to with Nickle, and how we can
help make it better!


In message <yc4ptdv9w47.fsf at cs.brown.edu> you wrote:
> The past few Nickle snapshots haven't included a configure script, such
> as 'the shipped one' that you refer to in the README.install file.  On
> my Fedora machine I can generate one with 'sh autogen.sh', but my Redhat
> 7.3 machine needed a new version of the autoconf package before it could
> create .configure.
> Make, however, then failed because it couldn't find version.h which I
> had to create with 'sh update-version.sh'.  Should I have to call that
> by hand, in which case it should be added to the install instructions,
> or should it be getting called somewhere in the autoconf process?
> Once I figured those issues out, nickle builds and installs without any
> further complaints and I'm happily using it on my two home machines.
> Thanks for all your work on it.
> - Steven

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