[Nickle] Bugreport 2 compiling errors on Mac Os X 10.3.6

Martin Hoch hoch.martin at web.de
Thu Dec 9 13:04:55 PST 2004


> Can you try adding
> 	#include <sys/time.h>
> above the line which says:
> 	#include <sys/resource.h>
> in main.c?  The documentation for getrlimit/setrlimit says that this
> include is necessary, and I note that nickle doesn't include it.

After some greps through the sources I did that already. But with one 
half of my brain on
Mr. Massey talk  about "Open Source UNIX Software Developemet" ;-)
I added it below that line. .o0( DOH !)
Nevertheless it compiles fine now!



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