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bart at bart-massey.com bart at bart-massey.com
Mon Aug 30 13:31:12 PDT 2004

An AC posted the attached note on Nickle to /. today.  I
thought folks might be interested: I agree with most of what
he's saying.  Someone should clean up the Nickle front page:



Re:"That's not a calculator..."  (Score:0)
by Anonymous Coward on Mon 30 Aug 12:49PM (#10111503)

[Posting with delay, as /. incorrectly thought I posted 10
article last week]

Just went to the website. Looks interesting, but you could
use a little marketing there.

Not for changing the look of the website, it is okay, but
you fail to explain to the lurker what nickle really is
(specifically, what is his positionning).

After glancing through the front page, I had no idea what it
/really/ was. I had to re-read carefully, and beleived that
it was some sort of advanced bc. I then read the tutorial,
and, at this point, I was really confused.

Nickle page says:

www.nickle.org: "Nickle is a programming language based
prototyping environment with powerful programming and
scripting capabilities"

The key thing is that this can apply to perl, ruby, python,
lua, maple, or any other thousand of similar environments
out there.

What I don't understand, reading that sentence, is what the
main 'competitors' of nickle are. Are they math software ?
Are they scripting language ? Are they prototyping
environments ? Is it C ?

What I would have expected from your website is getting
enough precise info so that, the next time I have some
specific problem, it 'clicks' in my mind, and I could say:
"Let's give nickle a try".

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