[Nickle] const vs. final

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Aug 22 17:46:04 PDT 2004

Around 17 o'clock on Aug 22, Bart Massey wrote:

> I also agree that there's an odd hole in the language with
> enums.  One would like to be able to get one's hand on the
> ordinality and cardinality of a tag as in C, but right now
> we hide it.

Enums have no order in nickle.

> Our enums are kind of horrible, as we know.  Maybe we should
> do some kind of Scheme-style "symbols" instead of disjoint
> union types?

It's all about naming and scoping.  C enums are a mess as well; you get no 
typechecking, and you have horrible name collision problems.

Yes, our current disjoint union type may not be ideal; we could consider 
replacing them with a separate (and more sane) enum spec.


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