[Nickle] Interested in contributing to Nickle

Anup seshagia at cs.pdx.edu
Mon Jun 30 12:53:14 PDT 2003

Hi Keith,

Prof. Masey has referred me to you . I am interested in contributing to 
the nickle project.    Prof.Masey told me that  there is a requirement  
to  write a sub-language for walking over yacc grammer and preprocess 
out and replace yacc positional parameters. I am planning to do this as 
a part of my open source course under Prof. Masey.  I am willing to 
learn Yacc and am very much interested in completing the project 
assigned to me. I went through the TO DO list in the CVS repository and 
I could not find the requirements for this task. I need your guidance 
and help to understand the project and any pointers to get me started in 
the right direction will really be appreciated.  Is this email address, 
a good way of contacting you if I have further questions.

Thanks and regards
Anupama Seshagiri

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