[Nickle] Debian Package -- help!

Jamey Sharp jamey at sharp.ath.cx
Fri Jul 11 03:15:05 PDT 2003

On 07/10 01:54PM, Carl Worth wrote:
> Looks like /usr/bin/autoconf is a script that tries to decide whether
> 2.13 or 2.50 is desired, and it is choosing wrong, (is this script a
> Debian-specific beast?).

I think it is, yes.

> By reverse-engineering the script, I see a quick fix to make it guess
> correctly:
> 	$ mv configure.in configure.ac
> 	$ autoconf --version
> 	autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.57

This is hinted at in the package description for autoconf2.13, which
directs you to /usr/share/doc/autoconf2.13/README.Debian.gz, which
documents the issue and heuristics nicely.

> Shall I commit the change from configure.in to configure.ac?

I'd say "yes"... though the AC_PREREQ(2.50) approach might be good too.
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