RESOLVED: [Nickle] nickle from CVS (2002-12-04) fails loading builtins

Bart Massey
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 13:54:33 -0800

We should probably do something about that, now that you
mention it.  builtin.5c used to be built from
we don't need to do this anymore.  Thus, deleted from CVS, and added builtin.5c.  It never
occurred to me that once builtin.5c was added to CVS, CVS
might refuse to update the old stale version.  Hmm.  I hate

Suggestions, anyone?


In message <> you wrote:
> On Dec 4, Bart Massey wrote:
>  > Hmm.  No, I can't reproduce the problem.  Unless Keith just
>  > fixed it :-), it's fine.
> Thanks Bart.
> I had missed the fact that CVS wasn't giving me the current builtin.5c
> file since I had a non-CVS version already, (leftover from an old
> build I suppose).
> All happy now.
> -Carl
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