[Fontconfig] Re: Fontconfig performance question.

Krzysztof Dabrowski fontconfig@fontconfig.org
Mon, 12 May 2003 11:48:55 +0200

Dnia poniedzia=C5=82ek 12 maj 2003 11:48 am, Juliusz Chroboczek napisa=C5=
> KD> Correct me, but the whole idea of the cache is to save it locally
> Think about font directories mounted over NFS.

we are not saving fonts. We are saving a data-structure dump separaterly fo=
each user in HIS home directory and by design it should not be available to=

p.s. and i do not think about modyfying the configuration file and even=20
current caches - i want something above that - full fontconfig configuratio=
structure dumped do disk so we do not re-create it on every run.