[Fontconfig] Type 1 fonts missing variations

Keith Packard fontconfig@fontconfig.org
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 11:08:37 -0800

Around 16 o'clock on Jan 15, Ross Burton wrote:

> $ fc-list | grep Bauhaus
> Bauhaus:style=Regular
> Hmm, where did all of the varients go?

It's possible that the style varients didn't have Type1 names in a format 
that fontconfig understands.

>From the directory containing these fonts, try:

	$ FC_DEBUG=256 fc-cache -f .

That should dump out lines starting with 'found name' that show fontconfig
walking through the available names in the font.  If the style names do 
appear, post the output for the relevant font files to the fontconfig
bugzilla (http://fontconfig.org/bugzilla) so that the underlying cause 
might be found.  If the style names don't appear, then your font files are 
either broken or FreeType has a bug.

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