[Fontconfig] fontconfig_path error in 2.1.92

Ron Smits fontconfig@fontconfig.org
17 Apr 2003 12:09:18 +0200

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During compilation of fontconfig from within garnome 0.23.0 I noticed
that the configure parameter for the confdir (--with-confdir) is
ignored. garnome configures everything to be run from with the $GARNOME
prefix (like ~/garnome for example).

After configuration and compiling the make install of fontconfig will
use the --with-confdir setting and copy all relevant files to the
correct places but the source fccfg.c in particular will not know about
this. Configure will place the value of --with-confdir in config.h as
CONFDIR but fccfg.c will look for a #define called FONTCONFIG_PATH. If
this variable is not set /etc/fonts will be used. Temporary workaround
is the definition of an environment variable called FONTCONFIG_PATH to
be set.

Can you look into this and either tell me I am moron and did something
wrong or fix it?

I have cc'd this to the garnome list as there is a discussion about this
going on there


Ron Smits

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