[Fontconfig] RE: Problems going from RH8 to RH9

Owen Taylor fontconfig@fontconfig.org
11 Apr 2003 00:46:34 -0400

On Fri, 2003-04-11 at 12:26, Jonathan W. Smith wrote:
> Greg, I followed what you advised; it would seem to be a problem with
> fontconfig rather than the X setup. However, Blair on linux.redhat.install
> observed:
> "Your GL libs are jacked up. I think you need to re-install the Mesa
> packages, but I may be talking out of my ass. Do a search on rpmfind for
> GLcore.so or something similar and you should find the rpm that provides the
> libs you need."

This guy got it right in one, and I don't mean what he was saying about
your GL libs.

It's not your GL libs, it's nothing to do with your X server. It's
something to do with fontconfig or your font directories.

If you stop changing stuff between every mail, we might have a chance
of figuring it out :-)

I think Rich Drewes may well have figured out what the problem is; if
you have fonts in your font path that are readable by root, but
not by the user, that is going to cause big problems for fontconfig and