[Fontconfig] Problems going from RH8 to RH9

Owen Taylor fontconfig@fontconfig.org
09 Apr 2003 12:23:49 -0400

On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 11:33, Jonathan W. Smith wrote:
> Yesterday, I upgraded from Red Hat Linux 8.0 to Red Hat Linux 9.0. Things
> went relatively smoothly until a reboot of the machine resulted in an
> inability of the X server to load. Initially this seemed to be the result of
> incorrect monitor parameters.  After I corrected those settings, I still
> have a problem.
> I now get an error message that states, "No fonts found; this probably means
> that the fontconfig library is not correctly configured. I would add that I
> have /etc/fonts/fonts.conf; I lack a /etc/fonts/local.conf. Would I solve my
> problem by copying the fonts path to local conf, i.e. chkfontpath -l >
> local.conf, then edit local.conf so that it conforms to the XML format
> illustrated by fonts.conf?

No, I don't think that would help you.

I'd first try running, as root, 'fc-cache -f'; this will recreate
your font database from scratch.

I've had one report of a problem where a certain font got fontconfig
completely confused, though I've been unable to reproduce the


Do you have fonts on your system that didn't ship with Red Hat Linux 9?