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+\section{Conclusions and Future Work}
+As experimental as it is, the current implementation of MINT versatile.
+The ease with which it has been able to bootstrap itself suggests that
+there will be little applying it to bootstrap nickle, and for future
+work with other context-free grammars.  Furthermore, the ability to of tag
+elements of productions simplifies the onerous task of writing tree
+walkers for syntax trees.  In most respects it is already a fairly
+respectable parser generator, if a little rough around the edges.
+However, the potential of the most striking feature of MINT --
+its language neutral architecture -- has yet to be fully realized.
+Several uses for the separation of language and grammar are readily
+apparent.  It will allow the programmer the ability to use the same
+grammar for a compiler, syntax highlighting, static analysis tools,
+and interpreters.  It also simplifies the task of writing ``little
+languages'' like the language of regular expressions, which are
+embedded inside other programming languages in such a way that
+the syntax is consistent across all the client languages. 
+Further, the possibility exists of providing an additional degree
+of separation in the architecture.  A simple application of MINT
+might read in an input and output a syntax tree represented in XML --
+which allows a user to merely utilize one of the many available 
+XML parsers to manipulate this syntax tree.

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