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 \section{API and Examples}
 % Not to discuss for various reasons of brokenness: XrSetDash,
 % XrClip, XrScaleFont, XrSelectFont, XrSetTolerance

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-XXX: Fix this paragraph
-Sections~\ref{sec:transformations}-\ref{sec:images} provide examples
-that build on this initial program. Each example consists of a single
-function that accepts an XrState pointer and performs drawing
-operations. Each example can be made into a complete program by simply
-adding the new function call to the program of Figure~\ref{fig:source_minimal}.
 \section{Example Source Code}
+This appendix contains the source code that was used to draw each
+figure in Section~\ref{sec:api}. Each example contains a top-level
+``draw'' function that accepts and XrState pointer, a width, and a
+height. The examples here can be made complete programs by adding the
+code from the example program of Figure~\ref{fig:source_minimal} and
+inserting a call to the ``draw'' function.