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 \section{Future Work}
-XXX: PDF backend
+The Xr library is in active development.  Everything described in this paper
+is currently working, but much work remains to make the library generally
+useful for application development.
-XXX: Real text support
+\subsection{Text Support}
+Much of the current design effort has been focused on high level drawing
+model and some low level rendering implementation for geometric primitives.
+That was simplified by the adoption of the PostScript model.  PostScript
+offers a few useful suggestions about handling text, but applications
+require significantly more information about fonts and layout.  The current
+plan is to require applications use the FreeType~\cite{freetype2} library
+for font access and the Fontconfig~\cite{fontconfig} library for font
+selection and matching.  That should leave Xr needing only relatively
+primitive support for positioning glyphs and push issues of layout back on
+the application.
+\subsection{Printing Backend}
+Xr is current able to draw to the window system using the RENDER extension
+and also draw to local images.  What's missing is the ability to generate
+PostScript or PDF output files.  Getting this working is important not only
+so that applications can print, but also because there may be unintended
+limitations in both the implementation and specification caused by the
+essential similarity between the two existing backends.
+One of the goals of Xr is to have identical output across all output
+devices, this will require that Xr embed glyph images along with the
+document output to ensure font matching across all PostScript or PDF
+interpreters.  Embedding TrueType and Type1 fonts in the output file should
+help solve this problem.
+\subsection{Color Management}
+Xr currently supports only the RGB color space.  This simplifies many
+aspects of the library interface and implementation.  While it might be
+necessary to eventually include support for more sophisticated color
+management, such development will certainly await a compelling need.  One
+simple thing to do in the meantime would be to reinterpret the
+device-dependent RGB values currently provide as sRGB instead.  Using ICC
+color profiles would permit reasonable color matching across devices while
+not adding significant burden to the API or implementation.

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