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 buffers with a uniform rendering model so that applications can use the same
 API to present information regardless of the media.
-Moving from the primitive original X graphics system to a complete
-device-independent rendering environment should serve to drive future
-application development in exciting directions.
+The Xr library provides a device-independent API to drive X window
+system\cite{x} applications.  It can take advantage of the X Render
+Extension\cite{render:2001} where available but does not require it.  The
+intent is to also have Xr produce PostScript\cite{ps} and PDF
+1.4\cite{pdf14} output as well as manipulate images in the application
+address space.
+Moving from the primitive original graphics system available in the X Window
+System\cite{x} to a complete device-independent rendering environment should
+serve to drive future application development in exciting directions.
 \subsection{Vector Graphics}

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