[Calypso] How may I help with calypso?

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Sat Jan 23 14:24:26 PST 2016

Hi.  I would like to improve calypso to a point where I can use the
Debian package at home to fill my need for a private and shared
calendard, and wonder how I can help to make this happen.

I've volunteered to join the Alioth project, and would be happy to write
test scripts and merge some of the patches floating around in git
repositories, but wonder how to best assist with this.

So far the little response I got on this list was useful (thank you
Guido), but none of my patches got any replies so far, and I wonder if
sending patches to the list is the best way to help.

>From old git commits in unofficial repos, I notice Guido did some
protocol testing in 2014 caldav-testers.  Is it a goal to pass this test
suite?  Some of the old changes are trivial, like this:

commit 760939bd0193a2624d42970a0254b4d91ce3bb67
Author: Guido G<C3><BC>nther <agx at sigxcpu.org>
Date:   Sun Mar 30 15:41:42 2014 +0200

    Return 404 when trying to delete a non existing item
    Found by caldav-testers CalDAV/delete.xml

diff --git a/calypso/__init__.py b/calypso/__init__.py
index 06845ac..f99588a 100644
--- a/calypso/__init__.py
+++ b/calypso/__init__.py
@@ -341,6 +341,10 @@ class CollectionHTTPHandler(server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
                 self.send_header("Content-Type", "text/xml")
+            elif not item:
+                # Item does not exist
+                self.send_calypso_response(client.NOT_FOUND, 0)
+                self.end_headers()
                 # No item or ETag precondition not verified, do not delete item
                 self.send_calypso_response(client.PRECONDITION_FAILED, 0)

Is there a reason this and simlar patches are not merged into the
official repo yet, or is it just lack of time from the small group of
commiters?  I would be happy to extract patches like that from various
repos and post them to the list, if that would help get a new Debian
package uploaded into Debian soon.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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