[Calypso] [PATCH] Don't throw error messages when subdirectories are scanned

Jelmer Vernooń≥ jelmer at jelmer.uk
Mon Apr 4 01:12:36 PDT 2016

On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 07:14:18PM +0100, chrysn wrote:
> Access to the root directory or any other non-leaf directory raises a
> IOError: [Errno 21] Is a directory: '.../.config/calypso/calendars/...'
> which is caught and logged as an exception, but still shows even though
> just a file-oriented function is called in scan_dir with a subdirectory.
> Instead, now, a debug-level log message is emitted on directories that
> they are ignored for the purpose of scan_dir.
> ---
> seeing tracebacks in the log is distracting during development,
> especially when there is not really an error.


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