[Calypso] Android People App shows Calypso Calendar entries as "No name"

Curtis Gedak gedakc at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 09:00:02 PST 2015

Recently I encountered a problem using Calypso with addresses and
calendars in same folder.  More specifically when I synchronize with
DAVDROID, the Android (Kit Kat) People app shows "No name" entries in
addition to the address entries.

Interestingly the number of "No name" entries corresponds to the number
of calendar entries.  This leads me to believe that somehow the calendar
entries are being mistaken for address entries.

Have anyone else encountered this problem?

How did you configure Calypso to work with addresses, calendars, and

My initial thought is that I need to configure Calypso to store the
addresses in a folder separate from the calendar entries.  I have been
pursing this line of thought, but have yet to figure out how to do this
correctly.  Any help would be appreciated.


I set up Calypso similar to Enrico's blog instructions [1].
Next I imported my Palm Pilot address and calendar entries.
Note:  Both entry types appear in my ~/.config/calypso/calendars
       folder with the respective .vcf or .ics extensions.
Lastly I configured DAVDROID to connect to the server and synchronized.

Curtis Gedak

[1] http://www.enricozini.org/2014/calypso-davdroid/

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