[Calypso] calypso with davdroid: in the direction of principals

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Sat Mar 8 10:03:02 PST 2014

chrysn wrote:
> as to use a davdroid[1] client (android 4.0+, only supports
> autoconfiguration) with calypso, i should have started implementing
> principals.
> instead, i hacked my way around it til it fit.
> the attached crude patch makes things work so-and-so for davdroid, and
> as a side effect also makes calypso usable with acal. (they have in
> common that they don't allow some call manual configuration, and
> others
> call infrastructure for supporting broken servers).
> among other nasty things, this patch forces users to observe a
> `/${USERNAME}/{calendar,addresses}{,-about}` folder structure, where
> the
> -about folders need to be present just so i can easily get a
> Collection
> object.
> i like the flexible layout calypso provides, so what we should aim for
> as a more permanent solution is a way to attach a label to a folder
> whether it contains addresses or calendar items (for calypso, so far
> it's perfectly ok to contain both, but clients don't like that). then,
> in combination with the permissions system already in place, i think
> that there should be purely synthetic (one could say virtual)
> locations
> for urls like principal or the list of calendars accessible from that
> principal (which are what now are the -about urls). the latter might
> in
> theory be merged into the principal, but that caused troubles in
> practice (might have been an error on my side, i was pretty focused on
> just getting it to work). unless webdav specs dictate otherwise, i'd
> suggest addresses like /+${USERNAME}{,/addresses,/calendars} for
> principal and the lists of addresses and calendars, respectively.
FWIW I can confirm this works with DAVDroid, after updating it
to match my collection structure.

Rather than adding labels, couldn't we just add a setting for the
principal with substition for the username? E.g.:

principal = /+{USER}

That seems much simpler.

Your commit message mentions that DAVDroid crashes when syncing
contacts, but contacts sync fine for me as well. What version did you
try? I'm using


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