[Calypso] carddavmate support

chrysn chrysn at fsfe.org
Tue Apr 15 15:11:26 PDT 2014

hi all,

now that principals are running in my production setup (see recent
mails), i tried to get carddavmate[1] / caldavzap[2] to run with

the requried steps were:

* implement sending custom static headers (as it's done in radicale too)
  -- modern browsers' security systems require this (CORS)
* disable permission checks for OPTIONS (response is static anyway; also
  related to CORS)
* cosmetic changes to reflect both the browser and the javascript
  program in the changelog
* set [server]user_principal = /%(user)s/ (that's more due to a
  peculiarity on carddavmate's side / not respecting
  current-user-principal but assuming that there's a path where you can
  append /${USERNAME}/ and get the principal)
* configure carddavmate with

  var globalNetworkCheckSettings={href: 'http://prometheus.amsuess.com:5233/', checkContentType: false};

  (we don't really serve content types yet)

the required changes to calypso are published in my integration branch,
as usual[3].

please review and consider merging my patches


[1] http://www.inf-it.com/open-source/clients/carddavmate/
[2] http://www.inf-it.com/open-source/clients/caldavzap/
[3] git clone git://prometheus.amsuess.com/calypso-patches -p chrysn/integration

To use raw power is to make yourself infinitely vulnerable to greater powers.
  -- Bene Gesserit axiom
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