[Calypso] Small recent updates

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Jan 11 22:38:50 PST 2012

For those following along at home, there are a couple of minor changes
since 1.0:

Keith Packard (8):
      Format collection last modified time using email.utils.formatdate
      Update directory modtime when changing a file
      Track modtimes on content files
      Wrap http request handlers with exception printing
      Allow If-Match parameter to not have " marks
      New Pathtime class uses .path for pathname, not .name
      os.utime requires two arguments
      Check for exceptions setting directory mtime

These fix a couple of annoying issues:

 1) Editing contacts through evolution would fail because it didn't
    stick " marks around the IfMatch value

 2) Changing files using --import wouldn't cause a running calypso
    daemon to rescan the directory and reload changed files. This
    required two fixes -- first, 'touch' the directory when importing
    files to signal that a rescan is needed, second track the mtime on
    every file in the database and re-load changed files.

 3) Exceptions would get lost -- the HTTP server swallows exceptions
    sometimes and didn't print any messages. I wrap all of the functions
    in exception handling now and print things out to the log.

keith.packard at intel.com
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