Notmuch mail

Notmuch is a search-based email reader started by Carl Worth with a command line tool and associated emacs mode. It uses Xapian to create a search database that can rapidly search large volumes of mail. I have 883536 messages consuming a bit more than 15GB of storage as I write this entry; xapian doesn't appear to have any trouble yet.

  • Notmuch web site
  • Keith's git repo: git://
  • Wishlist
    • Better PGP support - message mail already deals with sending mail, so we just need to deal with displaying received mail, including decrypting messages and checking signatures
    • Auto PGP signing of replies, and adding .signature file
    • Selecting source address from configured set of addresses, that's probably going to require hacks to the message code.
    • Better mime handling; use the existing 'v' binding but only display the currently selected mime part. Display some mime bits inline (images, html). Also, use the '|' binding in the same way; send the currently selected part to an external program.
    • Tag directory. List the tags in the system and indicate how many messages within each also have the inbox tag.
    • Lots of mouse support. Clicking on a message in the search page should open up that message. Similarly for mime parts etc.
    • Two window mode. Create two windows, one with the search view and another with a thread display. When I click on another search line, switch the thread window to the new thread.