BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debiandebian: Add chips/avr/strtod.c copyright informationKeith Packard3 weeks
masterchips/samd21: Use unique 128-bit serial number for USB serialKeith Packard12 days
neopixel-whiteExperimental support for 4-color NeoPixel devicesKeith Packard12 days
pwm-rampchips/samd21: Allow PWM values to adjust slowly rather than jumpKeith Packard6 days
samd21-i2cmetro-snek: Start adding i2c support (not working yet)Keith Packard2 months
1.0-2commit 955af23938...Keith Packard5 weeks
1.0-1commit 0b3e696af1...Keith Packard5 weeks
1.0commit 8bac19d19c...Keith Packard5 weeks
0.98commit 824c0329a9...Keith Packard8 weeks
0.98-1commit f71fd5c61b...Keith Packard8 weeks
0.97-1commit 2b55370d70...Keith Packard3 months
0.97commit 2bde4cb881...Keith Packard3 months
0.96-1commit fb3541ee97...Keith Packard3 months
0.96commit 32adbc2b12...Keith Packard3 months
0.95commit b042bc6f42...Keith Packard3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 dayschips/samd21: Use unique 128-bit serial number for USB serialHEADmasterKeith Packard
12 dayschips/samd21: Get 'running' LED working againKeith Packard
12 daysports/snekboard: Use 16MHz crystal XOSC as primary clock sourceKeith Packard
12 dayschips/samd21: Support XOSC as clock sourceKeith Packard
12 daysallow any chars with high-bit set in identifiersKeith Packard
2019-06-29ports/snekboard: Add snekboard portKeith Packard
2019-06-29chips/samd21: Allow devices to have as few as 17 GPIOsKeith Packard
2019-06-27Fix argument handlingKeith Packard
2019-06-27chips/avr: Remove sign support from strtofKeith Packard
2019-06-26Fix compilation with DEBUG_COMPILE or DEBUG_EXECPaulo Henrique Silva