BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debiandebian: Version 0.98-1Keith Packard2 days
masterBump to 0.98Keith Packard2 days
samd21-i2cmetro-snek: Start adding i2c support (not working yet)Keith Packard3 weeks
0.98commit 824c0329a9...Keith Packard2 days
0.98-1commit f71fd5c61b...Keith Packard2 days
0.97-1commit 2b55370d70...Keith Packard4 weeks
0.97commit 2bde4cb881...Keith Packard4 weeks
0.96-1commit fb3541ee97...Keith Packard5 weeks
0.96commit 32adbc2b12...Keith Packard5 weeks
0.95commit b042bc6f42...Keith Packard6 weeks
0.95-1commit f2186fb8ee...Keith Packard6 weeks
0.94commit 206547298a...Keith Packard6 weeks
0.94-1commit a2d3d27577...Keith Packard6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysBump to 0.98HEAD0.98masterKeith Packard
2 daysmacosx: Check for SNEKMAC was invertedKeith Packard
2 daysfeather-snek: Add explicit Feather M0 Express supportKeith Packard
2 dayswindows: Generate list of firmware in snek.cfg automaticallyKeith Packard
2 daysexamples: Create one-neopixel example, save old one as neopixelsKeith Packard
2 dayssnekde: Add file dialogKeith Packard
2 dayssnek-duino/itsybitsy-snek: Disable error checking when programming fuse bytesKeith Packard
2 dayssnekde: Make <return> in repl win work more like emacs shellKeith Packard
2 dayssnekde: Limit cursor motion to width of screenKeith Packard
3 daysitsybitsy-snek: Add '-quick' mode to snek-itsybitsy-installKeith Packard