AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysCheck semihost feature bits before using SYS_EXIT_EXTENDEDHEADmasterKeith Packard
7 daysAdd test for float-only printf/scanf codeKeith Packard
7 daysAdd 'float-only' mode to tinystdio printf/scanfKeith Packard
7 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'spaceinventor/master'Keith Packard
8 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'newlib/master'Keith Packard
8 daysMake sure 'sbrk' is defined when building nano-malloc functionsKeith Packard
8 daysPatch for malloc typosKeith Packard
8 daysPatch for nano-malloc typosAndreas Innerlohninger
8 daysRevert "Don't use obsolete math implementations by default"Keith Packard
8 daysAdd configuration support for __OBSOLETE_MATHKeith Packard
8 daysInclude picolibc.h in machine/ieeefp.hKeith Packard
8 dayslibm: switch sf_log1p from double error routines to floatKeith Packard
9 daysUpdate for version 1.21.2Keith Packard
11 daysnewlib/libc/include/sys/features.h: update __STDC_ISO_10646__Brian Inglis
11 dayshello-world: Missing test input file for semihost fopenKeith Packard
11 dayshello-world: Skip semihost-specific code when not availableKeith Packard
13 daysDefine 'HAVE_SEMIHOST' in picolibc.h when supportedKeith Packard
13 dayssemihost: Add sys_semihost_clock APIKeith Packard
13 daysChange picolibc.ld to not try to redefine symbolsKeith Packard
2019-11-21doc: Fix documentation about how to build cross-build meson files (#20)Keith Packard
2019-11-20Place all configuration data in 'picolibc.h'Keith Packard
2019-11-20Make 'hello-world' example demonstrate command line and file I/OKeith Packard
2019-11-20Split out using POSIX for stdin/stdout/stderr from posix-io flagKeith Packard
2019-11-20Extend semihosting support to include posix I/O routinesKeith Packard
2019-11-20Version Packard
2019-11-20Automatically compute whether underlying compiler has TLS supportKeith Packard
2019-11-18Cygwin: pty: Convert CamelCase names to snake_case names.Takashi Yano
2019-11-18newlib: fix fseek optimization with SEEK_CURBastien Bouclet
2019-11-17Mention how picolibc.specs is created in hello-world/README.mdKeith Packard
2019-11-15Cygwin: pty: Trigger redraw screen if ESC[?3h or ESC[?3l is sent.Takashi Yano
2019-11-14Version 1.11.1Keith Packard
2019-11-14Add doc describing how picolibc.ld worksKeith Packard
2019-11-13Rename hello-world/ to hello-world/README.mdKeith Packard
2019-11-13Cygwin: console: Revise the code checking if the console is legacy.Takashi Yano
2019-11-13Cygwin: pty: Use redraw screen instead of clear screen.Takashi Yano
2019-11-13regtool: allow /proc/registry{,32,64}/ registry path prefixBrian Inglis
2019-11-10Describe first bits of rom for ARM hello-worldKeith Packard
2019-11-10Add to explain building the exampleKeith Packard
2019-11-10Add 'hello-world' exampleKeith Packard
2019-11-08Stash reent marker in upper bits of s1 on AMD GCNKwok Cheung Yeung
2019-11-08Cygwin: Doc change to note stackdump limit patchMark Geisert
2019-11-08Cygwin: Raise dumpstack frame limit to 32Mark Geisert
2019-11-08Cygwin: console, pty: Prevent error in legacy console mode.Takashi Yano
2019-11-07Clean up include directory computationKeith Packard
2019-11-07Incorporate newlib fenv stubsKeith Packard
2019-11-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'newlib/master'Keith Packard
2019-11-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'martinribelotta/sysroot-install'Keith Packard
2019-11-06Cygwin: pty: Change how to determine if running as service or not.Takashi Yano
2019-11-05Cygwin: document console helper patchCorinna Vinschen
2019-11-05Cygwin: fix quoting when starting invisible console processCorinna Vinschen