BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRemove AM_MAINTAINER_MODEKeith Packard6 days
2.82commit 94171f8f18...Keith Packard9 months
2.80-2commit b331afa247...Keith Packard20 months
2.80commit f8edfe3e49...Keith Packard20 months
2.79-2commit b03fa4fcfe...Keith Packard2 years
2.79commit 62538ae681...Keith Packard2 years
2.78commit 229a665691...Keith Packard2 years
2.77commit 73d8de9c96...Keith Packard7 years
2.76commit c749d6a74d...Keith Packard7 years
2.75commit 77553983f0...Keith Packard7 years
2.73commit 9c31311a34...Keith Packard7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysRemove AM_MAINTAINER_MODEHEADmasterKeith Packard
6 daystest: Add test for empty string_fileKeith Packard
6 daysFile::string_string can be passed an empty bufferKeith Packard
2018-10-27Bump to version 2.84Keith Packard
2018-10-27Construct a separate case for lexing '0' from other octal numbersKeith Packard
2018-10-27Ignore '_' within numbers so it can be used as a separatorKeith Packard
2018-10-26Add array initalizer testsKeith Packard
2018-10-26Ignore SIGTTOU/SIGTTIN. Adjust TSTP processingKeith Packard
2018-10-26Make assignments to stdin/stdout/stderr affect C codeKeith Packard
2018-10-26Allow repeat initializers in implicit sized arrays for small dimensionsKeith Packard