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masterfix compatibility with python 2.7rofl0r42 hours
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42 hoursfix compatibility with python 2.7HEADmasterrofl0r
4 daysAdd install targetKeith Packard
8 daysGenerate new parse table format. Pack C actions.Keith Packard
2019-01-28Store productions in reverse order to make pushing easierKeith Packard
2019-01-19Add PARSE_ACTION_BOTTOMKeith Packard
2019-01-17Add a 'parse_return_error' value to allow the user toKeith Packard
2019-01-17Use token names only if available in PARSE_DEBUG outputKeith Packard
2019-01-17Decorate parse tables to allow avr compiler to stick them in flashKeith Packard
2019-01-15Describe C output in README.mdKeith Packard
2019-01-15Use ./lola to build python calculator exampleKeith Packard